About us.


Corinne Chilcott

My husband and I first met Charles Rickard after 11 long months in NCAT Tribunal and almost 2 years pursuing the builder of our house to finally fix and finish incomplete and defective items in our home.
RH Consulting were able to objectively look at our situation and offer a scenario where we could finally have our house finished, and avoid further legal costs.

Charles acted as a third party to negotiate a settlement, where both parties would be held accountable for agreed items. Though we had previously tried to reach a similar settlement by ourselves, and using a private mediator, it was Charles’ industry know-how and no-nonsense approach that ultimately saw us out of the situation, and moving on with our lives.

It takes a great deal of respect and trust to take on someone to negotiate (in our situation), your greatest financial asset. The process required us to compromise heavily and have faith (after such a long time, this wasn’t easy!), but ultimately RH Consulting’s expertise and professional services were able to forge an agreeable outcome for our family

Brian Hood – Hutchinson Builders

Regional Manager
The process was smooth and efficient... Their mediation was unbiased and transparent. Charles Rickard and Robert Hart professionally assessed the complex issues providing advice on how they should be best dealt with. I would certainly recommend the involvement of RH Consulting in the early stages of a potential dispute

Meet The Team

RH Building Dispute Resolution is made up of experts with the skills and experience to separate design, management and construction responsibilities of a building issue and provide unbiased advice on how to resolve a dispute. Learn a bit more about them below.

We do not limit our connection for this work to any one lawyer, preferring to use persons best suited  or ideally accepting a joint  recommendation from the 2 parties,  as evidence of our impartiality.


Charles Rickard

Charles is a specialist engineer with over 40 years’ experience, and an expert in building diagnostics. He has worked on multi-million dollar projects from the UK, to the Middle East and Australia, and is an acknowledged expert in the field of facades and swimming pools, in particular. He has consulted to Government departments, provided dispute arbitration services and delivered the training to graduate and middle management engineers that they don’t learn at university.


Robert Hart

Robert is an achitect and a licensed builder with 50 years industry experience. His project management business was responsible for a wide range of projects including multi-story commercial, industrial, residential and civic buildings. In recent years he has turned his focus to providing consulting advice to builders and developers for projects as diverse as residential housing and major land subdivision and the resolution of building disputes.